How Your Customers Can Do Your Marketing For You (and I’m not talking about referrals)

I always tell people that if you want more customers, you should pay attention to your current customers. Not only will taking fantastic care of your customers bring you referrals and testimonials but it will make your marketing easier. 


You have marketing gold at your fingertips in your customers. Your customers can help you create marketing campaigns, write your marketing copy, your ads and much more. 


And it’s really, really simple:  You listen to your customers.


Most of us fall into the trap of talking like the professionals we are. I use marketing speak all of the time. I can’t help it. I live in marketing world and I study up on conversion rates, lead generators, engagement and ROI. However, my clients don’t. You know what my clients want? They want to stop feeling so frustrated by their marketing. They want to stop wondering if their marketing is working at all.  I know that now because I started listening to them. But in the beginning I was going on and on about engagement and branding and positioning and email followers and I couldn’t figure out why I’d get blank looks in sales meetings. 


You have to speak your customers language. Pay attention to what they are saying and how they say it. Market research can come be really handy in this. Send a short survey to your current clients asking them about what their biggest struggle in your niche is or why exactly they like working with you. 


You will probably learn more than you realize. Because most of us know what our clients need but we need to give them what they want. 


For example, my clients really did need to increase their engagement, reposition their message and grow their email lists. However, what they wanted was to feel like their marketing was working and wasn’t so scattered. 


I know that giving them what they need will get them what they want.

So I market what they want and deliver what they need.


Ok, that sentence was even a little confusing for me. 

But let’s look at some more examples:


An accountant knows his clients need savvy financial guidance that will help them make sound decisions that will decrease risk and increase ROI.

Their clients wants to feel secure that his finances are taken care of and that he has a trusted expert who understands him and his personal situation.


A dating coach who knows his clients need fulfilling relationship.

His clients just want to have fun and feel confident dating.


An IT consultant who knows her clients need to revamp processes and redesign the way they work.

Her clients just want their projects to get completed on time and under budget.


Do you see the difference? Speak in your clients language and really figure out what it is what they want. Again, the best way to do this is to do market research and to always be listening to your clients. Whenever I’m on a phone with a client, I take notes and I pay attention to the questions they ask or the way they phrase things. Then I take it and make sure my website, my sales pages, my social media pages and my blogs (like this one!) match up with how my clients talk.


Using your clients language can be the differentiator between people saying “Oh that’s just another service provider” and “Yes, that is exactly what I need!”


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