Your Magnetic Message Cheatsheet & Checklist

I always tell my clients, there is money in the message. If you are able to effectively master your message, it's easy to start standing out as an expert and attracting clients. Discovering your magnetic message is a little bit like Goldilocks and the three beds in the bears house. It can't be too long and convoluted or else you'll lose your lead's attention. But if it's too short or bland, you won't entice them to learn more. Luckily, it's not hard to find your sweet spot once you know what's needed in a message.

Use this cheat sheet and checklist to create your magnetic message for your business. First answer these questions!

Who are you serving? Do not write in details like their names, ages or genders. I know, I know, those things are important to determine but when it comes to your message, it's not going to help. What will help to identify is if you know their big struggles around your niche and what they really want out of life or business. How do your ideal clients identify themselves? Do they consider themselves entrepreneurs or business owners? Do they see themselves as moms first and wives second? If you know how your ideal clients identify themselves or how they want to see themselves, you've discovered a huge piece of your message puzzle.


What are the results you bring to people? These are the tangibles. Do you help your clients find their first client? Or do you provide them with killer marketing plans that bring in money? Do you provide VA services that save them time and make them productive? What are the results?


What is your brand promise? This is the intangible of your products or services. It is the underlying and often unspoken outcome of your products or services. How will your clients feel after working with you? What will their life look like? Who will they be?


What is your edge? What is the one thing you are going to lead with? Remember three easy ways to choose your edge: find the thing you feel you’re best at, find the thing you like best and find the thing that your ideal clients really need.


Then begin combining the different pieces of your message to create your magic message. Here are a few ways to do that.

I work with Ideal Client who struggle with Their Struggle and help them achieve Your Results through Your Niche.


I help Ideal Clients achieve Your Results through Your Niche so that they can experience Your Brand Promise.


Want an example? Here's mine: I help creative service based entrepreneurs attract more leads and clients online through digital strategy and marketing tactics so they can effectively grow their businesses online. 


When you are mastering your message, use this handy check list to ensure you're hitting every key point!

  • Your message can be summed up in one sentence. Catch their attention and don’t bore or overwhelm your audience!
  • Your message includes your ideal audience. You work with a specific group of people and know them, their struggle and their dreams.
  • Your message includes your results. Your clients want to know what you are going to bring them or how their lives will be better through working with you.
  • Your message gives a hint of your secret sauce or your niche. You want to let people know a little bit about how you do what you do. I
  • Your messaging includes your brand promise. Everything you do should communicate that intangible you are really selling to people, whether it’s innovation, comfort, confidence, community or love.
  • You have 2-3 stories around your message. Follow the archetypes, remember that not all stories are success stories or stories from your clients. You can tap into your own past, your own strengths and discover your stories.


Still struggling? I understand! Messaging is tricky. I'd love to help! Schedule a free Mini Marketing Planning Session and we can figure out exactly what you're missing from your message!