18 Must-Ask Questions For Your Ideal Clients

If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING in your marketing and you’re still hearing crickets it probably has something to do with missing the mark on your ideal clients.Whenever one of my clients tells me they are struggling with their marketing, my first question is always about their ideal clients. I ask this because it’s the one of the most important keys to your marketing and it’s something that most people skip over.

In fact, most of the time when I ask about someone’s ideal clients, they give me their demographics: gender, age range and location. Now that type of information is very helpful to know about your targets, especially when it comes to finding them out where they are. But to really hone in on your ideal clients and have kick ass marketing, you need to get much more specific than that.


You really need to be in your ideal client’s head because when you structure your marketing campaigns and write your copy, you want them nodding along with you saying, “YES! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for” and there is no better way to do that than to find out exactly what they are looking for! And how do you find out, you might be wondering? By asking them!

To help you get in the heads of your idea client, I put together this list of 18 must-ask questions to ask them in a survey or interview.


Start off with big picture questions that will start getting you in your clients head. It will help you begin drawing a image of them.

 1. Describe your dream biz/life.

2. What do you think is holding you back from that dream?

3. What are your top 3 current struggles in biz/life?


Now we’re going to get more detailed on your exact niche and what you are offering. I love these questions because they tell me exactly what to say in my marketing and copy so my client feels like I’m talking right to them. I usually compile all the answers into one document and whenever I need to revamp some copy, I’ll pull the words straight from my client’s mouth, jazz it up and it’s ready to go!


4. What is the biggest problem you have around [insert your niche]?

5. What other struggles do you have around [insert your niche]?

6. What would it feel like to have a solution to your problem?

7. What types of solutions have you looked at for solving your problem?

8. What does success in [insert your niche] look like to you?

9. What type of success do you feel like you could achieve if you found a solution to your problem?

10.Describe what it would feel like if someone presented you with the perfect solution to your problem?


These questions are about your offer, product or service. You want you to create the exact answer to your client’s problem and make it a no brainer for them to say YES.


 11. To solve your problem with [insert niche], Would you be interested in a program that includes: (insert details of your program)

12. Is there anything missing from above you would like to see?

13. Is there any part of the above program that you are not interested in?

14. What results would you expect to receive from this type of program? Tell me everything!

15. If such a program existed, how much money would you be willing to invest? [optional: give options for this based on what you want to charge]


Now we move back to broader questions. This is for when you have gotten your offer ready to go using the feedback your ideal clients gave you and you are ready to start marketing it!

16. How do you best like to receive information? (<— one of my FAVORITE questions. I usually list options such as email, social media, blog, video, recording etc so that way I know how to provide my marketing!)

17. What are your top 3 favorite websites?

18. Favorite social media platform?


These are just some questions to get you started. You can always add more!


What if you have no idea where your ideal clients are? Or have no clue how to talk to them? Schedule a complimentary Mini Marketing Planning Session and I will help you understand exactly what you need to do in your marketing research! Book your free session here!