Remote CMO

Your business is booming. Your clients love you. They want more of you. You are starting to have trouble balancing it all. Your clients are starting to come first (as they should!) but no one is taking care of your business. This is one of the most common problems I see with consultants and service-based businesses! As soon as they start booking clients and seeing growth, they completely lose track of marketing themselves and taking care of their own business. This stops momentum and hits a giant pause on growth. It's why so many businesses are stop and go. You need someone to take over the reins and make sure you keep a steady stream of clients coming in.


Meet your new remote CMO!

As your remote CMO, I'll handle marketing your business and keeping you on track with your goals and your sales. I'll be a part of your team, helping to create strategy, implement marketing tactics and effectively manage your brand. There is a wide variety of activities I can do for you but they often include:

  • Implementing marketing strategies
  • Creating and managing sales funnels
  • Managing social media pages
  • Creating online content
  • Pitching stories and features for publication or podcasts
  • Managing customer relations
  • Managing email marketing
  • Executing advertising strategies 
  • Planning and executing digital marketing strategies, including webinars, social media challenges and live trainings 
  • Implementing lead generation strategies

And much, much more!


When you have a remote CMO, you can spend more time and energy focusing on your current clients. You will be confident that your business is growing and developing when you have someone on your team responsible for handling your marketing for you. As your remote CMO, I see myself as part of your team and we will meet on a regular basis to ensure we are hitting your business goals.


I believe we should all stay in our zone of genius in our businesses. When you take time and energy to try to conquer something that is outside of your zone of genius, you lose money (and time and energy!) End the stress of marketing your business while trying to take care of your clients and discover the power of a remote CMO.

I work with a limited number of Remote CMO clients. If you're interested in working with me as your remote CMO, please fill out the Remote CMO application to see if we're a fit. I'll contact you within 24 business hours of receiving your application.