Go-To Marketing

Do you need marketing help only during your busy season?

Are you planning a launch and need assistance during your launch?

Do you have a lot of ideas and just need a few hours with an expert to help sort through them and figure out what's best for you?

Are you looking for a one-time only marketing boost?

Go-To Marketing is your solution for fast, actionable and effective marketing strategies exactly when you need it. You can choose a one hour session or a three hour intensive or you can book multiple sessions for on-going support. Go-To Marketing Sessions are focused on solving one particular area of your online marketing. Maybe you need your website optimized. Maybe you need a social media strategy. Perhaps you need help with a sales funnel or lead generation strategy. When you need focused attention to improve one specific area, you need Go-To Marketing.

Go-To Marketing is the solution for you if...

  • You are feeling stuck around one specific area of your marketing.
  • You need marketing advice on a one-time project or a particularly busy season.
  • You feel like one particular area of your online marketing is not working and you want to figure it out ASAP.
  • You would like on-going marketing support without making a high-level investment.


When you invest in a Go-To Marketing session, you receive private marketing advice and consulting focused on your business. It's the fastest and quickest way to find solutions for your marketing. You will walk away from our session with a clear action plan for solving your marketing problem and moving forward with your business goals!


Here's How Go-To Marketing Works

1. You choose your session, either a one hour or three hour intensive and schedule your time.

2. You will immediately receive a welcome packet and questionnaire so we can both prepare for our session. Your questionnaire is due back to me 48 hours prior to our session.

3. During our session, we will take a deep dive into your marketing problem and figure out a solution.

4. Following our session, you will receive a recording of our call. You will also have email access to me for the following week in case you have any questions or need help with the marketing solutions we created for you and your business.


When you book a Go-To Marketing session, you receive the marketing solutions you need, right now. You walk away with an action plan to  It's time to stop second guessing and experimenting and find out what's missing from your branding, marketing funnels and content in a Go-To Marketing session!

When you need to solve your marketing problem right away, you need go-to marketing!

Your Investment:

One Hour Go-To Marketing Session - $120

Three Hour Intensive Go-To Marketing Session - $300